Hello! I am Jim and I am writing about all the stuff I have. So far I have written about 41 items. You can read more about this project here

Seven Year Pen - Need Coffee

I haven’t had this pen for 7 years yet so I will have to get back to you when it comes to whether it lasts the 7 years but I am surprised that they sell for over $12.00. For a pen! This was a gift so I wasn’t aware of the cost but I had better get at least 7 years out of it. That’s almost 2 dollars a year for a pen.

Ultralink Optical Cables

There was a time I was one of those “cables make a difference in sound”. No, they don’t. Although I bought some fancy optical cable doesn’t mean you should and just buy the Amazon Basics one at about 7 bucks if you need one. Save your money for what matters.

Large Gaming Mat for Keyboard and Mouse

I bought two of these for about $10.00 each but I think I could have saved ten bucks and just bought one because I have retired one of them due to lack of use. Anyway it’s a big honking mouse pad that covers a big part of your desk. I bought them so that I would not have to set my pricey headphones down on my hard desk and at least there would be a little padding.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphone

These headphones were purchased with an Amazon Gift Card I was given at Christmas this past year and so I chose to spend it on these headphones. It’s been said that these are a very bright sounding headphone and I have to agree - But, because I am older and can’t hear the high frequencies anwyway these don’t bother me. I think I paid about $120.00 for them which I think is a great price for these.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7

I bought this last holiday season for under $30.00, and when you think about it that’s an insane price for a tablet - any tablet - regardless of quality or features. This ended up being my little one’s tablet as I threw a [kid proof case])https://amzn.to/2YbYYpE) on it and then I really don’t have to worry about it. It’s not the greatest tablet but for the price one can’t complain. I’ve used it as a music player, ereader, TV for entertaining the kiddo and for light web browsing. The fact that this costs $30 is excellent value.

USB A to C cable

About ten bucks for two of these seems to be the [going price] and for their use - they are fine. I use these for charging the phone in the car and I have a pair of shorter six inch ones for using to hook up my phone to battery chargers when I forget to charge my phone.

Paradigm CC-70 Center Channel Speaker

I’m writing this from my little man cave in the corner of our basement and I mostly listen to headphones because: sleeping toddlers. But sometimes I fire up my old home theater receiver and play some music for speakers.

I use this as a very near near field speaker so I can keep the volume down. These are pretty cheap if you can find one used, but expect to pay about $200 for something that’s newer yet similar in specifications.

HDMI Splitter

This was one of those things that I had bought, but never got around to using until now when I added a 2nd computer to my system (My wife bought a new Mac Mini) and I didn’t have a dedicated monitor for it. So, I hooked my daily driver monitor up to this and my laptop and now I can switch beetween the Mac Mini and the Google PixelBook I use with ease. It was only about $7.00 too.

Amazon Fire HD 10 2017

I was given a hundred dollar Amazon gift card a few years back so I picked up this tablet. It’s ..fine. It’s no iPad, but it was on sale for $100 when I bought it so it costs a third of the price. It’s not the fastest and you’re limited to the Amazon ecosystem unless you hack it but for the price and what you do using tablet, it’s great for my uses a kindle reader, spotify remote or music player - and for a music player it sounds really great for the price.